We are certified system partner and integration partner of Gorbel Inc. in Europe


Das PROSYSTEM Light Crane Systems are safe, expandable and particularly easy to move due to the self-centering trolleys.


Lifting, rotating and swiveling assemblies and components, our solution: the mechapulator …

Efficient handling needs flexible solutions.

Handling is happening everywhere and so much more than mere movement of loads. Our electronic balancer systems offer lift support for all areas of production and logistics, practical and ergonomic handling solutions for lifting, balancing, mounting, and joining loads of up to 600kg. Our complete solutions are in line with the workstation's task, providing efficient solutions for simplification of manual load handling tasks at the workplace and improve the process flow always. Benefit from the advantages of G-Force system technology.

We will work out possible solution variants for your requirements and help you in your decision making process by gathering all necessary details in situ.

Systems in gantries, deployable irrespective of their position, in pivot mounted arms or articulated arms, as well as Z-axis lifting devices.

Universal handling systems and servo-powered manipulators for load-independent handling.

Secure and ergonomic gripper technology for efficient and effort-saving movement and positioning of loads.

A sophisticated construction kit system, universally deployed in all fields of production and logistics.

Operator handles are - depending on the required gripper - directly and optimally integrated at the gripping tool.