Precision lifting devices for fast and safe handling procedures.

Our electronic balancer systems offer lift support for all areas of production and logistics, practical and ergonomic handling solutions for lifting, balancing, mounting, and joining loads of up to 600kg.

Scalable technology is the key to powerful systems meeting their tasks' requirements.

Our all-in-one solutions - from the gripper to a suitable crane system, manipulator, or e-logramm® - are in line with the workstation's task and improve the process flow always.

Customer-specific solutions: Construction kit system

We will work out possible solution variants for your requirements and help you in your decision making process in situ.

Electro balancer (G-Force technology)

Systems in gantries, deployable irrespective of their position, in pivot mounted arms or articulated arms, as well as Z-axis motors.


Operator handles - depending on the required gripper - directly and optimally integrated at the gripping tool.

Gripping tools

Secure and ergonomic gripper technology for efficient and effort-saving movement and positioning of loads.

PROSYSTEM - Light Crane System

A sophisticated construction kit system, universally deployed in all fields of production and logistics.

Articulated arm systems

Modular and scalable lifting technology for all weight categories.